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How to Get an H1B Visa Interview Waiver Thumbnail

How to Get an H1B Visa Interview Waiver


For frequent travelers to the U.S., it can be frustrating to arrange an interview for a new visa continually. Thankfully, there is a way around this. You need to apply for an H1B visa interview waiver instead. This waiver allows you to go through the visa application without the need for an interview every time.

In this article, we will discuss who is eligible as well as what you need to do to get your H1B visa interview waiver.

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Who Is Eligible for the Visa Waiver Program?

There are a set of conditions that you will need to meet to apply for the waiver program. The following applies:

  • Elderly applicants must be at least 80 years old and must not have already been found ineligible for a prior visa application. 

  • Children must be under 14 years of age. They also must not have been found ineligible for a previous visa application. What’s more, the parents of the child will need to have a valid visa in the same category for which the child is applying.

  • Since your last issued visa, you should not have been found ineligible for a different visa in any category.

  • Your previous visa was in the same category as the one that you are looking to renew now.

  • You cannot apply for the waiver if your previous visa is more than 12 months expired.

  • Your last visa was issued after January 1, 2008.

  • Your previous visa was not lost or stolen. 

Mexican citizens who are applying for visas on behalf of their children will need to be aware of one notable difference. Instead of a maximum age of 14, Mexican children will need to be no older than seven years old. 

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Is There Anyone Who Will Not Be Considered?

Those based in India will not be considered eligible for the visa waiver program if their previous visa was issued in Mexico or Canada. Any H1B students should be aware that getting your visa stamped in any country other than the U.S. will make you ineligible for this waiver program.

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The Documents Needed For The H1B Visa Interview Waiver Application

It’s easy to apply for the H1B visa interview waiver. You only need to bring all of the relevant documents to your nearest service center. You must submit the following documents:

  • Your passport

  • A copy of the submission letter that you will be able to get after submitting the DS-160 form

  • Your current or most recent visa

  • A recent photograph

  • Your most-recent pay stubs

  • Bank statements that cover the last 12 months

  • W-2, 1040, and other tax forms that you might have submitted while in the U.S.

  • The contact details for your current managers at your place of employment in the United States.

  • Children also need to send in photocopies of their parents’ valid visas. 

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The Steps You Need To Take

If you submit all of the above documentation and find out that you are eligible for the program, then you will be able to continue with the application for the H1B visa interview waiver. You won’t need to book an appointment with the center again, and applying for your future visas will become a lot easier.

You’ll need to log into your online account and create a profile to submit your application. Once it is submitted, print out two copies of the submission letter — one for your records and one to send to the Visa Application Center.

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We can break these steps down into even more detail so that you don’t have to worry about missing something important:

Step One

Fill out the DS-160 form. You might also see this called the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application. Once you have sent it through, be sure to print out a copy of the confirmation page.

Step Two

Register online at the visa application portal. Once you are registered, you will see that there is guidance on booking an interview and answering the required questions.

Step Three

Next, you will need to pay the outstanding fee for the H1B visa. You will then receive a submission letter if you are eligible for the waiver. The letter will contain a list of all the documents that you need to submit.

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Step Four

Gather together all of the necessary documents and take them to one of the service centers. There are eleven of these centers in various towns and cities. It’s always a good idea to keep a copy of these documents with you so that you have it for your records. Once you have dropped off all of your materials, a CGI officer will review them to ensure that you meet the required conditions. If so, they will then submit your application and documents to the U.S. Embassy or consulate for further review.

Step Five

You should expect the process of your application to take up to three weeks, although this does vary from case to case. You might also be contacted to submit some additional documents, which could hold up the review time. Keep an eye on your inbox as the government will email you if you do need to send anything else. 

Step Six

Once your visa application is approved, you can pick it up, along with your passport, from the nearest Document Collection Center.

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Save Time by Getting an H1B Visa Interview Waiver Today

For most people, the H1B visa interview waiver program is a great way to speed up the visa application process as there is no need to go through with a formal interview. However, you may have a lot of questions on the subject. Fortunately, you have time to research everything you want to know because you do not need an appointment for your submission. You can submit the documents whenever you see fit. Just keep in mind that it will take around three to twenty-one days for visa processing.

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