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How to Invest in the Metaverse: Ultimate Guide Thumbnail

How to Invest in the Metaverse: Ultimate Guide


The metaverse has made waves recently due to the growing interest in virtual reality spaces. 

Metaverse-based platforms aim to provide utility to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while connecting people from around the world in the comfort of their homes.

In this guide, we will cover how to invest in the virtual universe.

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What Is the Metaverse?

The metaverse generally describes 3D virtual worlds that let you play, socialize, learn, and collaborate outside of the physical world.

Many technologies make up the metaverse, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and virtual universe games.

You can also include digital reality economies in the metaverse, where you can buy, sell, and create virtual goods.

Games like Roblox, World of Warcraft, and Fortnite have virtual world aspects. You can buy and sell digital goods, attend concerts, interact with others, and visit exhibits. Also, you can include AR glasses, VR headsets, and VR bodysuits as parts of the metaverse.

However, these games are not the metaverse itself. Some of this technology, combined with work by Microsoft, Meta Platforms, Snap, Nvidia, and Unity, will develop the infrastructure that will form the basis of the metaverse.

Furthermore, Meta Platforms is considering developing holograms to help people virtually transport to new locations with the help of AR glasses. When people discuss the Metaverse, they usually refer to the metaverse from Meta Platforms.

What Is Metaverse Land?

One type of metaverse utilizes the blockchain to distribute digital assets such as virtual land.

Each metaverse has a finite amount of “land” represented by NFTs. The person who owns the NFT associated with the land has ownership of the plot.

Decentraland’s metaverse includes Genesis City, a virtual world with 90,000 parcels of 100-square meter land.

The Sandbox has LAND plots of 96x96x128 meters, where each meter is 32x32x32 voxels. You can also buy ESTATES which consist of multiple parcels of LAND. The Sandbox Metaverse has only 166,464 LANDS available to drive up the value of digital real estate.

Some investors believe that metaverse lands are the best investments as they will appreciate. You can buy the land and rent or sell it to others in the same metaverse for passive income.

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Is Web3 and the Metaverse the Same?

Web 3.0 (Web3) seeks to define generations for internet technology use. 

Between 1991 and 2004, we used Web 1.0 to find information. There were more people consuming content than creating it.

From 2004 to today, we have been involved in Web 2.0. More users than ever share text posts, comments, videos, and photos to interact with people globally.

While we do not know all of the aspects of Web3, many believe that it will focus on blockchain technology due to its use of decentralized data. Rather than one entity storing all of the data on central servers, everybody who owns a network of computers has a copy of the information.

Cryptocurrency is the most common application of this technology. DeFi (decentralized finance) companies strive to keep track of your account activity on an open ledger.

Other uses of blockchain technology include NFTs, decentralized web browsers, and metaverses.

Web3 and the metaverse are related, but they are not the same. Web 3.0 includes metaverses, but there will likely be much more to it.

What Does the Metaverse Market Look Like?

Before you learn how to invest in the metaverse, you need to understand the metaverse market.

Many metaverse companies like Roblox, Nintendo, The Sandbox, Fortnite, and Decentraland have been on the market for several years. 

Big tech companies want to unite this technology into a singular metaverse while capturing some of the money that each of the metaverses makes.

One way to analyze the size of the metaverse market is through the metaverse index (MVI or MVI Index). It looks at how businesses, entertainment, and sports transition to virtual environments. 

The MVI only considers ERC-20 tokens, and they must be considered NFTs, music, VR, entertainment, or AR.

When Will the Metaverse Arrive?

Metaverses already exist in many ways. However, the more unified metaverses proposed by Meta Platforms, Microsoft, and Google will roll out slowly with time.

These companies are working on the necessary technological developments. Nonetheless, they do not have finalized plans for what they will include in the metaverse.

As of now, we do not know when these metaverses will arrive. Regardless, you can invest and participate in existing metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

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How to Invest in the Metaverse

Keep reading to learn how to buy metaverse land.

1. Create a Crypto Wallet

Before you can invest in the metaverse, you need to make a crypto wallet on a platform like MetaMask. This software connects to the blockchain to store your crypto.

Then, you need to acquire metaverse tokens. If you want to buy real estate in Decentraland, you need MANA. The Sandbox requires SAND coins. MetaWars is a rising game that runs on MetaWars crypto, so you would buy WARS tokens.

Where to buy metaverse crypto? To get these coins, you will need to go to a marketplace to acquire the correct token. You may need to trade BNB, ETH, or BTC for the SAND or MANA token.

Where can I buy metaverse crypto? The exact exchange depends on the top metaverse crypto coins that you wish to get. Some marketplaces may let you purchase these coins using fiat currency to minimize the number of transactions you make. 

2. Create an Account

Now that you know where to buy metaverse tokens, connect your wallet to the marketplace of your desired metaverse platform.  Make sure the platform has integrations with your wallet so that you can connect the two platforms.

Ensure you navigate to the marketplace using the platform’s website. Many websites exist with similar domain names that are not affiliated with the metaverse. You can find the Decentraland Marketplace here and The Sandbox marketplace here.

3. Choose and Purchase Desired NFTs

Digital assets such as land, avatars, decorations, clothing, and tools that you use in the metaverse are all considered NFTs. When you buy in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you will have ownership over this asset in the metaverse.

To purchase digital land in the metaverse, you will follow a similar process to buying a normal parcel of land. Search for the LAND or ESTATE that you want and pay the necessary amount to receive ownership.

Follow the guidelines on the marketplace to secure ownership of the NFT and transfer it into your wallet. From there, you can upload this NFT into Decentraland or The Sandbox to use in-game.

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Where to Buy Metaverse

You can buy metaverse in the form of metaverse related stocks, ETFs, and digital assets

  • Exchange Traded Fund/Stock: purchase ETFs and stocks by creating a brokerage account, researching the ETF, funding your account, selecting the number of shares, and confirming the order
  • Digital Assets: buy NFTs on the marketplace associated with the metaverse

How Do You Make Money on Metaverse?

The easiest way to make money on metaverse is by selling the NFTs for a profit. You could also rent out your LAND or ESTATE to other users of the platform. You can profit from metaverse ETFs and stocks using the same techniques as other industries.

Top Metaverse Investments to Consider

You can invest in public companies that partially depend on metaverse technology. Some of the top metaverse stocks, VR stocks, and companies to invest in include:

  • Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: FB)
  • Sony (NYSE: SONY)
  • Boeing (NYSE: BA)
  • Unity (NYSE: U)
  • Roblox (NYSE: RBLX)
  • Snap (NYSE: SNAP)
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

However, buying and selling metaverse land may prove more lucrative. Companies like Atari have bought parcels of Decentraland’s LAND to develop a casino where you can play to earn tax-free crypto.

There are also metaverse ETF stocks, such as Roundhill Ball Metaverse (NYSE: METV) and Subversive Metaverse (NASDAQ: PUNK).

Nonetheless, you might feel safer learning how to invest in Meta Platforms. Since Meta controls many popular companies, you are likely to profit from Meta Verse stocks.

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The Future of the Metaverse

The metaverse is growing more each day. However, it is still in its infant stage. The future involves:

  • Securing talent to develop the necessary hardware and software
  • Investing in existing technology and games to integrate into the emerging metaverses
  • Coming up with ways to combine metaverse-based games and digital experiences into new areas of life, such as education, entertainment, and work

Final Thoughts ‒ Is Metaverse a Good Investment?

At this stage, the metaverse needs far more work to reach as many aspects of real-life as the developers would like. 

However, more people are interested in it each day. Financial experts predict that the metaverse will become a $783.3 billion market by 2024.

While you won’t be making millions of dollars today, you can benefit from owning digital land.

Now that you’re asking, “Where can I buy metaverse coins?”, consider learning how to invest in metaverse stocks today. Metaverse investments like a Meta Verse stock are likely to be lucrative as countless big companies start implementing related technology.