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Top 4 Immigration Tech Firms Thumbnail

Top 4 Immigration Tech Firms


Completing immigration paperwork takes a lot of time and know-how. If you do it yourself, it could take many more months than necessary to receive an answer, and oftentimes, you have to repeat the process due to errors or oversight.

Using one of the top immigration tech firms, you can solidify your immigration application, have an attorney review it, and ensure your approval in a timely fashion.

Here are the top 4 immigration tech firms ready to help you.

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1. Boundless

Boundless helps immigrants through the green card process, making it simple and painless, not to mention fast. Led by a team of immigrants, they’ve been where you are and understand the nuances that you go through getting your green card.

In 2020, Boundless partnered with RapidVisa to make the process of getting your green card even faster and less stressful. Together, they ensure your application is accurate, your package has everything required to get approved, and the legal team reviews your application to ensure it meets the guidelines.

What They Specialize In

Boundless helps you get ready to file for your green card in just three months. With their staff attorneys and the RapidVisa process, you won’t find any easier or faster way to get your green card. 

Boundless’s independent immigration attorneys review your application, answer your questions, and help prepare you for the green card process to ensure success. They make the entire process less stressful and faster.


  • It helps inform immigrants of any issues they may face getting their green card
  • It speeds up the green card process
  • It has an easy to use and understand the platform


  • Hefty fees of $950 or $190/month
  • Boundless doesn’t offer an application tracking option so once you submit your application, you don’t know where it stands.

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2. SimpleCitizen

SimpleCitizen makes getting your green card less stressful and helps speed the process up. They help immigrants get their green card, renew it, or apply for citizenship. They provide what you need in a timely manner.

Once you sign up for an account and upload your documents, a SimpleCitizen immigration attorney will review everything. You’ll answer a few simple questions, have the attorney review, and SimpleCitizen will print and ship your documents to get your green card faster than if you did it yourself.

What They Specialize In

SimpleCitizen prints and reviews your self-completed citizenship application. They’ll review your details, ask questions, help you make changes, and send your application in for you. They take the stress of the application process off your shoulders.


  • Offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If USCIS denies your application, they’ll refund your money and cover your government fees.
  • SimpleCitizen offers several packages that include basic guidance for green card application all the way through the big picture, including an attorney review and document submission. You choose the package that you can afford.
  • The professionals at SimpleCitizen are highly attentive and helpful.


  • Some people have experienced slow service times with SimpleCitizen, which can happen during periods of high demand.
  • The best packages (premium with all the services) can cost as much as $849.

3. LegalPad

LegalPad supports work visas for startup companies. LegalPad is a combination of a ‘smart’ program doing the work for you and human support. LegalPad isn’t a law firm but a startup helping other startups realize their American dream.

Their goal is to help owners and employees of startup companies to get their visas faster by automating the paperwork and speeding up the visa process. LegalPad focuses only on the paperwork involved - not the legal advice needed for green cards.

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What They Specialize In

To sum it up in one word - paperwork. LegalPad can put together all the documents necessary to get your green card, and we’re talking 600-page documents. If you need legal advice, they do partner with independent attorneys, but they aren’t a part of the LegalPad team. 

LegalPad is a startup themselves, so they understand the growing pains you and your company may have and are there for you every step of the way.


  • It helps startups get started in the United States rather than focusing on individuals.
  • It takes the stress out of applying for a visa for immigrants who want to start a business in the United States.
  • It fills a void that other companies don’t offer - helping small businesses get up and running without the stress of dealing with getting a visa on their own.


  • LegalPad doesn’t have attorneys on staff. If you need legal advice, it will cost you more money than what LegalPad charges.
  • It’s a smaller company, so its offerings may be less than what other companies offer. To date, they’ve helped 80+ startups get up and running.

4. CitizenPath

If you’re tired of getting confused by immigration forms, you may need CitizenPath, the self-directed software that helps you complete immigration applications. It’s available on mobile and desktop devices, allowing you complete immigration forms right the first time to avoid delays.

What They Specialize In

CitizenPath helps you complete your USCIS forms correctly. It includes custom filing instructions based on the information you put in and has optional print and ship options. CitizenPath has sample documents to walk you through the process and alerts you if you do something wrong.


  • Has live customer support available if you have questions or concerns.
  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, plus a 100% approval guarantee. 
  • Many of its services are free, and the largest package costs just $197.


  • Everything is online. You don’t deal with a live person unless you call for customer support.
  • There’s no legal advice from attorneys.

Bottom Line

Don’t leave your citizenship to chance. It takes a lot of work, legal knowledge, and patience to get your green card or visa. Handling it yourself can be time-consuming and stressful. Instead, use one of the several tech companies offering automated and affordable help to ensure your citizenship status goes through without a hitch. 

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