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15 Highest Paid Jobs for Master’s Students Thumbnail

15 Highest Paid Jobs for Master’s Students


Getting your master's degree is a significant accomplishment in your life. Most people do not reach this level of education. You should feel proud of yourself for sticking with your passion and continuing to grow and expand your capabilities. However, one of the main reasons that people go for a master's degree is to ensure that they will have a certain quality of life moving forward. High-income jobs are very often going to ask for a master's degree to reward the job to the candidate. If you are looking to ensure that your masters provide you with one of the highest-paying jobs on the market, here are some of the most important to consider. 

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15 of the Highest Paid Jobs for Master’s Students

Remember that when choosing a career or even a master's, you will want to stick with something that you are good at and interested in. Even if one of the options on our list has a very high salary for master's students associated with it, choose a job that will be a good fit for you. Chances are you will make even more money because you love what you do! 

Physician Assistant ($105,000) 

As a physician assistant or PA, you won’t need to go and get a doctorate, but you can still be very much involved in the medical field and all that is associated with this career. As a PA, you will diagnose and treat patients and get plenty of hands-on experience. Don’t expect your masters to be enough to keep you certified as a PA; you will also need additional certifications

Principal Mechanical Engineer ($119,00)

When you think of an engineer’s career, it’s important to remember that a passion for math and science will certainly help you succeed. Mechanical engineers have the upper hand because once they have the knowledge, they can work in almost any industry. If you have any interest in engineering, expect to get a high-paying job once you finish your master's. 

Economist ($103,000)

You have probably noticed that the current state of our economy can be rocky at times. To analyze this and be able to study the production of resources, a master's degree in economics is necessary. This is another job where having an interest in math is going to certainly help you to succeed. 

Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) ($113,000)

The Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner will earn you well over $100,000 as soon as you finish your master's and land a great job. Mental health is becoming more and more important in our society, and hospitals and medical facilities are looking for only the best staff. Truly, there is a shortage of qualified mental health professionals, and this is a smart career path to take if you have the skills.  

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School Principal ($95,000) 

Some people get their masters when they are young, and others will spend their career in industry and had back into school to get a master's degree. A school principal is a perfect job for those that love teaching and believe in the education that a school can provide. The school principal job is much more administrative than a teaching position, but it can be an excellent career with great benefits. 

Software Architect ($126,000)

For master's students who are great with computers, the software architect position is excellent to consider. As a software architect, you can map out and design software solutions for companies. The unique thing about software positions is that you can choose the most appealing industry to you. Whether that be sports, medical, or finance, the options are all yours. 

Mathematician ($95,000)

Have you noticed how many of the highest-paid jobs on our list are based around math? This may make you wish you paid a bit more attention in that algebra class when you were younger. Mathematicians can work in a variety of fields, but the numbers they can produce and provide will make large impacts on companies. This is why a master's degree graduate can make some great money as a mathematician. 

Occupational Therapist ($85,000)

As the years go on, occupational therapy becomes more and more important and prevalent. Not only is OT a good thing for those recovering from a stroke or major disability, but it is also a proven method in helping younger children that have issues like Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Occupational therapy is a way to make a great living and make a significant impact in the lives of others. 

Speech-Language Pathologist ($77,000)

Have you noticed how many children are in speech therapy these days? For a variety of reasons, many children will benefit from speech therapy, but not enough speech-language pathologists out there to accommodate them all. With a master's degree, you can get a speech-language pathologist job relatively easily and quickly be making great money. 

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Urban Planner ($85,000) 

Planning and designing cities and towns may seem like a dream job, but plenty of people get to do this as their career. Urban planners can help to put together concepts for new neighborhoods and cities. From a small residential area to an expansion in a large city, urban planning can take on various roles. 

Director of Surgical Services ($118,000)

As you can imagine, surgery is a very serious business in a hospital. A director of surgical services needs to ensure all parts of the surgical process, from employees to staffing to patient care to medical billing, are all running smoothly and efficiently. Surgery often involves life or death situations, and this is why it is so important to hire a qualified professional with a master's degree. 

Aerospace Engineer ($87,000) 

If you can’t stop thinking about what there is to explore in space, then an aerospace engineer is a great position to consider. Although we have the salary listed around $87,000, that is for a starting position. The longer you are in the field of aerospace engineering, the more you can make and the greater the impact that you can have. If you like to learn and the thought of getting up off the ground is interesting to you, this is a great career to pursue. 

Sociologist ($98,000)

A sociologist will study the behavior of groups and cultures. Sociologists are often going to have a master's degree in Psychology. Overall the position of a sociologist will likely result in much more than this $98,000 starting salary. Typically it is slightly harder to get a job as a sociologist, but the jobs out there are all good ones. 

Genetic Counselor ($78,000)

A genetic counselor will help individuals determine risk factors for certain diseases and conditions. The genetic counselor can be used when a person gets sick or even for people that are expecting a baby. A genetic counselor would need a master's degree in Genetics, Biology, or even Health. This field is growing at a steady rate and will continue to be an excellent job for years to come. 

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IT Manager ($146,000)

Technology continues to become a bigger part of the world that we live in. If you have a master's degree and a strong interest in information technology, an IT manager position is the perfect option for you. These positions will vary widely in pay, and some are going to be well over $200,000. There is no question that you can turn this career into a lifetime of very substantial wages. The great news about IT jobs is that they are important for almost every major company. 

Conclusion: Highest Paid Jobs for Masters Students

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which path you would like to take with your master's degree. There is no denying that having a master's will allow you access to higher-paying and a greater volume of jobs. For the most part, if you are going up against a candidate who does not have a master's, your resume will stand out. In addition, having a master's gives you just a bit more negotiating power when it comes to wages and salary.