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What Is PERM Tracking: Ultimate Guide Thumbnail

What Is PERM Tracking: Ultimate Guide


PERM is short for Program Electronic Review Management, which is the initial step when filing for an employment-based settler visa or Green Card for a foreign national employee of a person. Throughout this process, the company files a prevailing wage appeal to the Department of Labor (DOL) through its FLAG website.

The DOL utilizes the appeal in order to define and release the company with a Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD). This PWD imposes the salary for position-based workers on worksite positions and the level of experience required for the job. Next, the employer begins recruitment in order to make sure that no qualified and willing domestic worker in the U.S. applied.

There are a lot of mandatory postings that businesses need to arrange, including a month-long ad with the workforce in the state; an announcement with a main regional newspaper during two Sundays of a month; a job notice for 10 consecutive days at the worksite; and any of the added activities, including taking part in a job fair, placing advertisements on the radio or television, and on-campus recruiting. The employer also files the ETA Form-9089 following a 30-day mandatory period and specifies no qualified domestic worker in the U.S. was discovered for employment. The ETA Form-9089 is filed on the internet through the DOL’s website.

The total processing time for the PERM varies according to the underlying procedures required and approved, such as the following.

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Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD)

Currently, the DOL is taking more than 150 days to approve and determine the prevailing wage. At the moment, submitted applications at the start of the year are being reevaluated. It’s important to remember that if an individual has a pending prevailing wage application or is getting ready to file, they must know how the New Interim Final Rule has an effect on determining the wage. Applicants need to talk to the immigration counsel in order to plan for the increase in salary.

Cases are also required to be evaluated by the DOL’s expert analysts after the resolved prevailing wage. This procedure can take more than 120 days. Presently, expert analysts are evaluating cases from the fourth month of the year.

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Recruitment Attempts

This procedure usually commences following the PWD and can take between 30 and 60 days.


After presenting the form, the DOL may take a couple of months in order to settle the PERM. The three most likely outcomes include the approval, denial, or audit of the Program Electronic Review Management. If the DOL demands an audit, the company has to provide further evidence, leading to delay in the application process. At present, it takes over 209 days for the DOL to decide on applications selected for audit.

In many cases, a foreign national pursuing a permanent residence in the U.S. through employment is the recipient of a qualified issued permanent labor authorization by the DOL. A qualified labor authorization is submitted by the business owner via ETA-Form 9089 through the DOL’s PERM system. The immigration attorneys have prepared a lot of applications using this procedure.

The main objective of getting a qualified labor authorization is to make sure there are no workers in the U.S. willing, able, qualified, and available to accept the work opportunity, and that the foreign national’s employment will not supplant workers of the country or adversely have an effect on the working conditions or wage of domestic workers. The application for labor certification needs the potential employer to try out the employment market by organizing a series of recruitment in order to decide whether there are available and qualified workers in the U.S. who will at once agree to the offered employment at the average or prevailing wage at that area. A summary of the procedure for filing an employment certification application follows.

At the start, the business owner needs to have a PWD from the DOL, which is according to the job duties, job offer, position requirements, and geographic location in which the employment is situated.

After determining the prevailing wage, the business owner needs to advertise an online and printed job notice for the next 10 business days. This advertisement must be published between 30 and 180 days prior to filing the application for labor certification. The business owner must utilize its customary printed and in-house electronic methods for posting the position along with the aforementioned job postings. Other required recruitment attempts include putting in a job order with the State Workforce Agency (SWA) and putting advertisements in the newspaper on two Sundays of a month. The SWA job order must be posted for no less than 30 days. The advertisements in the Sunday newspaper must be posted in a newsprint of general readership in the region of projected employment. The advertisements must be posted for 180 days, but more than 30 days prior to filing the application for labor certification.

Additional requirements for recruitment apply to businesses looking to hire a person in a professional capacity – an individual that has at least a bachelor’s degree. If the job meets the requirements to be considered a professional position, the business owner must carry out three other recruitment procedures to those already noted.

The added procedures must be selected from the provided list in the regulations. The permissible recruitment possibilities for professional positions include job fairs; posting on a job search website other than the business owner’s; the employer’s website; trade or professional organizations; on-campus recruiting; a referral program for the employee that offers incentives; private employment companies that carry out recruitment; television and radio advertisements; posters in national and local newspapers; and advertisements in the webpage that are published along with the required print advertisements.

The three added recruitment opportunities must transpire in less than six months prior to filing the application for labor certification; on the other hand, just one of the steps may occur within 30 days after filing.

To prepare the ads, be cautious to draft a precise job description in addition to the experience, education, and skills needed in order to perform duties satisfactorily. The advertised job requirements must have two criteria. The first is the education, skills, and experience. Hence, a person cannot have specific experience or skills simply due to the foreign national that has those experience or skills. Next, the foreign national should have the needed experience, skills, or education before joining the business owner who is filing on his behalf.

Filing for the PERM is easiest when the applicant knows the basic steps and procedures for filing the application. The PERM is the first and most important step in obtaining a Green Card or an employment-based setter visa.

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