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Ep #020: Managing Finances in the United States and Knowing Your Money Tools with Roma McCaig Thumbnail

Ep #020: Managing Finances in the United States and Knowing Your Money Tools with Roma McCaig

Roma McCaig is a second-generation immigrant from India with a passion for business management, leadership, and guiding young entrepreneurs. Vice President of Campbell's Soup Company and former Efficiency & Excellence Leader for Uber, Roma joins the show to share how she achieved success in business operations, as well as her insight on how her upbringing affected the way she handles life, work, and money.

From using money to make money to leveraging the power of analytics, Roma explains where international and multicultural individuals can improve on managing their finances. Listen in to hear the important lessons she learned from her father—who entered the U.S. with just $10 in his pocket—and get a glimpse into her best and worst financial decisions as she opens up about her continuous journey to know more and do better with her money.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Roma’s background in schooling and business.
  • What she learned about money from her first-generation immigrant father.
  • What international and multicultural individuals should know about managing money in the U.S.
  • How Roma defines success.
  • What areas in finance she wants to learn more about.
  • Why emotional investments can be a mistake.
  • How using money to help others brings happiness and fulfillment.
  • The relationship between income and happiness.
  • The importance of having an emergency fund and spending less on depreciating assets.
  • Why Roma values leading with her mind vs. her heart.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“My parents taught me the value what it means to earn a dollar but also finding ways to reward yourself for your hard work." - Roma McCaig

“Anything where you’re making an emotional decision is a bad decision most of the time." - Roma McCaig

“Lead with the mind, not the heart." - Roma McCaig

Resources In Today's Episode:

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