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Ep #022: Thinking Outside the Box as a Serial Entrepreneur with Anand Kulkarni Thumbnail

Ep #022: Thinking Outside the Box as a Serial Entrepreneur with Anand Kulkarni

Anand Kulkarni was brought up by Maharashtrian parents who believed you must find a career where you will make the most money. While many children might have decided to be doctors or engineers as a result, Anand decided to become an entrepreneur. Now the founder and CEO of Crowdbotics, he was named one of Forbes’ “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.”

In this episode, we discuss how Anand launched two successful start-ups and why his definition of success has always been to provide comfort and stability for his family. He opens up about the social impacts he would love to make one day, his thoughts on "getting rich quick," and his top tips for starting up your own company and building a successful career.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How growing up with immigrant parents can impact people's thoughts on money.
  • The differences between being an academic and a not-for-profit entrepreneur.
  • What pushed Anand to pursue his dreams of owning his own company.
  • His personal definition of success.
  • How owning a business can change the way we think about money. 
  • Why you should never accumulate any debt on a credit card.
  • The importance of creating a budget.
  • Why “getting rich quick” is not usually an option.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I think there is a lot to be said for being frugal as your default mode of operation." -Anand Kulkarni

“Once you have your needs and wants taken care of, having more money doesn't get you anything. Having more freedom, stability, and security—that’s what really is important." - Anand Kulkarni

“The benefit of being on the entrepreneurial side is you get to impact people on a much bigger scale." - Anand Kulkarni

Resources In Today's Episode:

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