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Ep #023: Helping Startups and Beating the Odds with Adrian Deen Thumbnail

Ep #023: Helping Startups and Beating the Odds with Adrian Deen

Originally from Guyana, Adrian Deen grew up in England and ended up in the United States for college before going on to start a business. He joins the show today to share his journey through each of these countries and cultures, as well as what he has learned about money along the way. He also opens up about his passion for startups and how he went from corporate finance to building a business of his own.

Listen in as he discusses the massive amount of opportunity presented when you know how to track, analyze, and implement data in your business. You'll discover why Adrian says that we have become complacent with how common failure is with startups, his take on the value of money, and how money enables him to pursue his dreams and help others.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • What it was like growing up in Guyana and England and how that affected Adrian's financial knowledge.
  • Resources he wishes he had more access to and knowledge of when immigrating to the U.S.
  • How he is planning for the future of his kids.
  • His defining moments of personal success.
  • How he came up with Innovation Network in the midst of the financial crisis.
  • Why he thinks we have become complacent with how we think about startup statistics.
  • Why startups struggle and how FI Network helps them.
  • The importance of data and leveraging it correctly.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“We exist to help them to bring this ecosystem together and use the technology to help reduce the barriers and provide access to these people who are doing tremendous work." - Adrian Deen

“Data is becoming the fourth industrial revolution." - Adrian Deen

“There’s tremendous opportunity in what we could do or developing insights and making better decisions with those insights if we’re able to analyze and understand what can come from this data." - Adrian Deen

Resources In Today's Episode:

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