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Ep #026: Arrive and Thrive with Nicky Goulimis Thumbnail

Ep #026: Arrive and Thrive with Nicky Goulimis

Credit access is one of the many puzzling and complicated issues that people immigrating to the United States face. That's why Nicky Goulimis, co-founder and COO of Nova Credit, has made it her mission to find a solution that will help immigrants gain access to credit and enable them to rent, buy, and thrive in their new lives. In this episode, Nicky shares great insight into the world of cross-border credit and how to navigate it as smoothly as possible.

Listen in as she gives us a glimpse of her journey to the United States, as well as the visa and credit issues she ran into along the way. Nicky opens up about how these experiences led to her eventually moving to the U.S. and starting a business that solves the credit-access problem for many immigrants, landlords, and renters. You'll also learn about the typical challenges immigrants face with credit and how to transfer credit scores from one country to another.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How Nicky grew up and what brought her to the United States.
  • What a cross-border credit bureau is and why she started one.
  • Her visa journey and the issues she ran into.
  • Common credit issues immigrants face.
  • How you can transfer credit scores from one country to another.
  • What types of data they collect and how they standardize it.
  • The challenge with getting enough of the right data.
  • Nicky’s opinion on credit scores and responsible lending.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I realized what a wonderful community of support people who arrive to the States provide one another." - Nicky Goulimis

“What does creating an environment where every individual can thrive mean?" - Nicky Goulimis

“The greatest gift that money can give you is setting you free." -  Nicky’s Grandmother

Resources In Today's Episode:

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