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Ep #027: Revolutionary Representation with Arshiya Kherani Thumbnail

Ep #027: Revolutionary Representation with Arshiya Kherani

Today's guest is the creator of an activewear company for Muslim women. A first-generation American from an Indian background, Arshiya Kherani joins the show to discuss the impact of her family and culture on how she does business and manages her money. The solutions she provides for active Muslim women, as well as her passion for sustainable and ethical business, are truly inspiring.

Listen in as Arshiya shares how her parents came to the United States and the money knowledge they passed down to her at a young age. You'll learn how she launched the revolutionary style business through Kickstarter and then moved on to build a successful brand called Sukoon. From risk taking and hard work, she opens up about her journey through navigating entrepreneurship and building a balanced and fulfilling life.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • The impact Arshiya's parents had on how she works and handles money.
  • Why she used Kickstarter to test her business idea.
  • How her parents encouraged her to take risks in business.
  • The impact of having bigger brands enter the same space as her.
  • Her role in the business and how she measures success.
  • The scaling process and how she plans to grow Sukoon and its community.
  • The best money decisions she made early on.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Seeing how hard our parents worked and seeing how hard different family members worked, I kind of felt stifled from a creative level. I thought I could do more than just be a cog in a wheel." - Arshiya Kherani

“The glowing reviews from our customer base—that’s how I’m starting to measure success." - Arshiya Kherani

“I was just trying to create a product for myself and my community, and I guess the market opportunity now is so, so, so big." -  Arshiya Kherani

Resources In Today's Episode:

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