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Ep #029: Affordable Career Development with Francie Jain Thumbnail

Ep #029: Affordable Career Development with Francie Jain

Francie Jain was looking for a space where people could go to make job changes and find assistance when transitioning in their career. When she found almost nothing available, she decided to create her own solution to this gaping issue: Terawatt, a global services marketplace that connects talented coaches to people seeking career coaching and professional growth.

In this episode, Francie shares her experience in the immigrant community, as well as what inspired her to start a business. You'll learn how she is empowering the workforce and coaches to work together and transform into something great, the role fear played in her life, and why having a coach is so important.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Francie’s background and experience being a second-generation immigrant.
  • The distinction between people who have been here a long time and those who have been here a shorter time.
  • How Terawatt got started and what it’s all about.
  • What they are doing to make coaching affordable.
  • How fear works into career changes and the importance of a coach.
  • Francie's vision for the future of Terawatt.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I think immigrant culture is more reserved with money." - Francie Jain

“No one goes to a new country because everything is great in the old country." - Francie Jain

“It’s just the idea of solving everyone’s problems at once without jamming anyone. Everyone is having their problems met at the same time. It’s a win-win-win." - Francie Jain

Resources In Today's Episode:

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