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Ep #033: Business, Creativity, and Energy with Lizelle van Vuuren Thumbnail

Ep #033: Business, Creativity, and Energy with Lizelle van Vuuren

Lizelle van Vuuren is the founder of Lizelle & Co. and the founder, CEO, and President of Women Who Startup. A serial entrepreneur, Lizelle was born and raised in South Africa, and she joins the show today to share how her upbringing affected her love for creativity and business. 

Listen in as she discusses the struggle of switching cultures and what changed in her when she transitioned from South Africa to the United States. You'll get a glimpse of what started Lizelle's entrepreneurial journey, how she discovered her audacious goal-oriented nature, and why the female startup community she kicked off is so important.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Lizelle's tumultuous journey of immigrating to the U.S. as a teenager.
  • The one thing that anchored her throughout the chaos.
  • How she started on her entrepreneurial journey.
  • Tough decisions that lead to big and important changes.
  • How she noticed the lack of female entrepreneurs around her and what she did about it.
  • The impact of chronic stress and how to take better care of yourself.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I was walking into tech events and conferences thinking to myself, 'Where the hell are all the women?'" - Lizelle van Vuuren

“Money is such a strange thing as entrepreneurs because we tend to learn how to do so much with so little and turn that into abundance or success. But it takes an astronomical amount of patience, hard work, and time. Most people would not sign up for that. " - Lizelle van Vuuren

“You should always pay yourself. You should never starve while building innovation or solving problems. " - Lizelle van Vuuren

Resources In Today's Episode:

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