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Ep #037: Changing The Moving Game with Cameron Doody Thumbnail

Ep #037: Changing The Moving Game with Cameron Doody

Cameron Doody is a third-generation immigrant who was raised in Texas and ended up as an entrepreneur and startup founder. Today, Cam shares the story of how his grandparents came over from Ireland and how he realized he wanted to be financially independent. From banking and medical equipment to starting his own successful company, he has had an incredible journey in business and in life.

Listen in as Cam breaks down how his company aimed to change the game in the moving industry and upgrade the negative attitude around moving. You'll get great insight on hiring to ensure quality results, how he raised money to build his business, and more.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How Cam's childhood and upbringing influenced who he is today.
  • How he came up with the idea for his startup company.
  • How the company has grown and how Cam plans to scale over the years.
  • The innovative way they went about hiring and how it changed the game.
  • How Cam raised money (and still raises it) to build the business.
  • The importance of saving early.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“This big corporate company with 50,000 employees had just been dangling carrots in front of these people—just enough to keep them in the business. I didn’t see enough passion from those people. It was just the safe thing to do." - Cameron Doody

“We’re the fastest growing moving company in the United States, and we don’t own or operate a single truck of our own." - Cameron Doody

“We wanted the types of people that customers wanted to invite for dinner after making a move." - Cameron Doody

Resources In Today's Episode:

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