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Ep #042: Curing Incurable Diseases and Redefining Success with Martin Akerman Thumbnail

Ep #042: Curing Incurable Diseases and Redefining Success with Martin Akerman

Martin Akerman is the co-founder and CTO of Envisagenics, a firm on a mission to reduce the complexity of big biomedical data into several smaller solutions and to boost the creation of new therapies. A data scientist trained in biology and computer science, with a Ph.D. and a postdoctoral, Martin is a global citizen with ancestral roots in Israel and Argentina.

Today he joins the show to discuss how he hopes to impact the world, as well as why success means something different to everyone—and does not always mean more money. You'll learn why persistence is crucial, how Martin defines success for himself, and why we should always be striving to learn new things.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • An overview of Martin’s career.
  • The big problem in the world that his firm is trying to solve. 
  • His definition of success.
  • Why persistence is important.
  • The benefits of always learning new things.
  • Why success is different for everyone. 
  • Why having a good team is key. 

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I was attracted by the science and the prospect of cutting-edge research." - Martin Akerman

“What we all want at the end of the day is to cure incurable diseases faster and at a lower cost." - Martin Akerman

“Success is not an absolute term. There are different kinds of success." - Martin Akerman

Resources In Today's Episode:

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