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Ep #045: Skill-Building and Mentorship with Rahim Fazal Thumbnail

Ep #045: Skill-Building and Mentorship with Rahim Fazal

Top digital thought leader, startup founder, and entrepreneur Rahim Fazal joins the show to share his truly standout path to where he is today and his insight into entrepreneurship and what it takes to succeed. The co-founder and CEO of SV Academy, a free online skill-building and mentorship program, Rahim has so much great knowledge to share.

Listen in as he opens up about his childhood story of starting businesses even at a young age, as well as how that took him down an exciting path in life. He gives us an inside glimpse at why he created SV Academy and how it aims to benefit immigrants and the underdogs. You will surely be inspired by his vision and his heart for people like himself who, at one point in their lives, had to start from nothing.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • How Rahim’s family ended up in the United States.
  • How he found his prominent place in the technology and startup arena.
  • Why he wouldn’t recommend his children take the same route he took.
  • What SV academy is and how immigrants coming into the U.S. can benefit from it.
  • One of the best fields to start in as an immigrant.
  • The incredible value of therapy.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I was always an entrepreneur and starting little businesses, so when the internet came around, I started to help a lot of my family members who ran small businesses." - Rahim Fazal

“If I were to do this all over again, would I recommend to my child to do the same thing? I don’t think I would because there’s a lot of risk involved." - Rahim Fazal

“The doors have been shut and are impenetrable because you don’t have the right experience yet—the right people, the resume doesn’t look the right way. That is the typical story for many immigrants, like myself." - Rahim Fazal

Resources In Today's Episode:

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