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Ep #047: Bridging Gaps and Filling Needs with Manon DeFelice Thumbnail

Ep #047: Bridging Gaps and Filling Needs with Manon DeFelice

Manon DeFelice is the founder and CEO of Inkwell where she bridges the gap for employers who need highly skilled but affordable talent. She is a second generation immigrant born in Boston whose mother is from the Czech Republic and father is from France. You will hear why her parents came to the US originally, her grandparents’ fascinating journey and what she has learned from their immigrant journey and the effect it has had on her career and life today.

Named one of the 100 most powerful women in business, Manon shares the journey to find her passion and how she started Inkwell. You are sure to be inspired by her passion and energy when it comes to solving problems and making connections for businesses and talented people who have the desire for growth. She also discusses the importance of holding to your values, understanding the value of money and much more.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • The history of Manon’s family and how they came to the US.
  • How her family shaped her view of money.
  • Why education was so important to her family.
  • Her educational journey and how she found her way into starting her own business.
  • How Inkwell works and what makes it different from other job matching platforms.
  • Common issues with staffing and hiring and how she is aiming to solve those problems.
  • The battle between work and life and how she is building equity and a future. 
  • How she was able to bootstrap initially and why she ended up raising money.
  • Why she wants to go bigger and how that needs to happen.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“My Grandfather and my mom also starting from zero kind of imprinted on me as I grew up." - Manon DeFelice

“Growing up, I had that very strong, “you’re an American spoiled kid” type of pressure." - Manon DeFelice

“I think people hear about the skyrocketing, unicorn type things when really it takes years of grinding it out. Those overnight successes come with 10 years behind them." - Manon DeFelice

Resources In Today's Episode:

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