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Ep #048: Upgrading Reality with Nonny de la Peña Thumbnail

Ep #048: Upgrading Reality with Nonny de la Peña

Nonny de la Peña is known as one of the most influential pioneers of virtual and augmented reality, technology innovator of the year, agent of change and godmother of virtual reality. We met through the Founders For Change and I’m really excited to dig into the world of immersive story telling with Nonny. You will get an incredible glimpse into new technology as well as the difficulties presented that she has had to overcome along the way.

Nonny also shares her lowest moment when it comes to finances and how it gave her incredible strength and perspective when tough times happen. We also discuss the struggle to get funding and be recognized and what that has meant to her. You are sure to be inspired by her vision and passion for what she does.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • Nonny’s family ties to Mexico and their experience immigrating and reverse immigrating.
  • The entrepreneurial roots she has on both sides of the family and how it affected her from a young age.
  • The future of communication and news via augmented and virtual reality.
  • How she is aiming to help more people make VR content.
  • The difficulty of growth and her road to success.
  • The story of Nonny’s lowest point financially and how it affected her.
  • Her vision for the future and the changes coming in the future.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Virtual reality really offers a way to go into a story and tell it in a way that is much more like the real world – like real life." - Nonny de la Peña

“We understand a building much better if we walk around it rather than if we just look at pictures of it." - Nonny de la Peña

“We’re trying to make it easier for everyone make content." - Nonny de la Peña

Resources In Today's Episode:

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