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Submit An Idea

We hope you like using MYRA. But nothing is ever finished. We’d love to hear about how we can make things even better. We look at each and every idea submitted. So don’t hold back! Submit an Idea.


How It Works


Step 1: Log into your MYRA App


Step 2: Select "Submit an Idea" from the top right panel 


Note: If you're on Desktop, then "Submit an Idea" is listed in the dropdown by clicking on your name in the top right panel.


Step 3: Click on the "Submit an Idea" button


Step 4: Send us an email with your idea. 


All idea submissions are shared with all MYRA employees, who vote on the idea. The highest voted ideas are prioritized for build, and generally released into production into a few weeks. So, don't hold back! What would you like to see? Submit an Idea!