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Hidden Accounts

If you'd like MYRA to hide an account balance from your Net Worth and/or hide duplicate account transactions, you can hide your account. Hiding an account is generally done for accounts that are duplicative, due to separate login credentials that track the same account. You can do this for both active and inactive accounts. Here are a couple scenarios in which you'd want to hide your accounts:

E.g. 1: husband's Chase credentials track an Amazon credit card, which is also tracked on the wife's Chase credentials, resulting in duplicate transactions, if both husband and wife add accounts (using separate credentials) to MYRA.

E.g. 2: your Merrill Edge credentials track your Merrill brokerage, and Bank of America bank accounts (checking / savings) but not your Bank of America credit cards, so you add your Bank of America credentials to track the credit cards, but that results in duplicative bank accounts (checking / savings) on your MYRA Dashboard.

To get started hiding your accounts, follow these quick steps below once you've logged into the MYRA app.

Step 1: Once you log in to your dashboard, click the menu in button on the top-left to view your options. From there, click the Dashboard button.

Step 2: From your Dashboard, click on the three dots in the top right of your net worth, and then click 'Account Settings'.

Step 3: Click on the three dots to the right of the account you'd like to hide, and then click 'Edit'.

Step 4: Toggle the "Visible in MYRA" button to the left (e.g. off so it's grey (not gold), and click 'save'. 

NOTE: If you hide an account, MYRA will not display it on your Net Worth dashboard, or on your Transactions, even though we will still continue to track it.