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US Bank Account

Net worth is the value of all the assets (financial and non-financial) owned by an individual or household minus the value of all its outstanding liabilities.

You can link all of your accounts, regardless of institution, for a central view in the MYRA platform. This includes: (1) Cash accounts (e.g., Checking, Savings, Money Market, CDs), (2) Investment accounts (e.g., Individual Brokerage, Joint Brokerage, 401k, IRA, Roth IRA), (3) Credit Cards, and (4) Loans (e.g., Mortgages, Home Equity Line of Credit, Student loans).

How it Works?

Step 1: Click on the [+] Add Account button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Select an account type (e.g., Bank Account). 

Note: MYRA uses Plaid to link your bank. 

Step 3: Select your bank (e.g., Chase). 

Step 4: Enter your credentials, and Submit. 

Note: Your credentials will never be made accessible to MYRA. 

Step 5: Celebrate! Your bank (and all associated accounts) will be added to your Net Worth. E.g., if your Chase bank has a Chase Checking and Chase Savings account, they will both show up on your Net Worth Dashboard under Cash Accounts.

Step 6: You can "View Transactions" for your connected account from your dashboard.

Step 7: Or update "Account Settings" (e.g., Account Name) from your dashboard.

Note: If you toggle OFF your "Visible in MYRA" (i.e., Hide in MYRA), that account will not display on your Net Worth dashboard.