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Missing Links

If you’re having trouble linking an external account, try the following actions:

Check that you’re linking to the correct institution.  Check the web address listed in the search box is the same address you use to log in to your institution directly. You can verify this by clicking the URL in the dropdown menu or directly entering the URL into the search box.

Check that you've selected the right sub-link from your institution. 

For example, you'll see Ally lists 'Multiple available' so you can click on that to specify which kind of Ally account you're linking.

Check that you’re using the correct user name and password. You can verify this by logging in to your institution directly on their website. Once you’ve confirmed you can log in to your institution, return to MYRA and enter that same login information.

Check your browser or password manager is not pre-filling your login credentials. If it is, clear them out, and enter your linked account credentials manually. 

Check to see if you have a follow-up linking action. Some institutions require more than just a username and password when logging in (e.g., security questions, a PIN, etc.).