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Reschedule a Meeting

Life happens. Sometimes you have to reschedule or cancel a meeting - no worries!

There are two ways to change the meeting: (1) in your personal meeting or (2) via the MYRA app. 

1. In your personal e-mail. Since you've already scheduled a meeting with your MYRA advisor, you would have received an email with a calendar invite that contains the videoconference details. Your e-mail calendar will automatically update with this event details. You can refer to this calendar event to change the meeting. At the bottom of the meeting details, you’ll see “Need to make change to this event?” with the options to cancel or reschedule. You can click on the relevant link to proceed with the changes.

In your email and calendar invite (near the bottom):

2. In your MYRA app. To change a meeting, log into your MYRA app, and navigate to where you scheduled the meeting (from the three bars on the top left, then to 'Consult'). Your next scheduled meeting appears on your screen. Click the three dots to the right of the meeting to 'Re-Schedule' or 'Cancel' the meeting.

That's it - you're done! Once you've made the changes, you'll see the confirmation in your app, such as the below. You’ll also receive an email to confirm the meeting change that will update your calendar automatically.