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Stock Restrictions

If you or your spouse work for a publicly-traded company, financial institution, or a regulated firm, you may be subject to trading windows and stock restrictions. Additionally, if you have a concentrated position in a stock (outside of MYRA), and you don’t want to hold additional stock (in MYRA), you might consider adding that stock to this stock restriction list.

When transacting on your MYRA Accounts, we will ensure that we do not buy or sell stocks (or ETFs) listed on this stock restriction list. The stock restriction list is designed to make sure stocks that you are restricted from trading will never be traded in your MYRA accounts.

Note: Placing a stock on the stock restrictions list after MYRA has purchased it means we won't trade it going forward. This means we won't sell the current shares or buy additional shares. If you currently hold these stocks, we will not automatically sell them – we will hold them until the stock restriction is removed or the account is closed. 

Follow the steps below to add stock restrictions to your MYRA account.

Step 1: Log In to your MYRA App.

Step 2: Go to Settings >> Investment Profile

Step 3: Select "Stock Restrictions" from the dropdown.

Step 4:  Enter the company name or ticker symbol.

Step 5: SAVE once you've added all your stock restrictions.

Note: Stock restrictions should be added at the household level. E.g. If you work at Google and your spouse works at Apple, you may need to add both GOOG and AAPL to this stock restriction list.