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Affiliated Person

An Affiliated Person (or simply Affiliate) is you, your spouse, or any member of your immediate family (including parents, in-laws, siblings, dependents) who is licensed by, employed by or associated with a broker/dealer firm, a financial services regulator, securities exchange or member of a securities exchange.

To add an Affiliate to MYRA:

Step 1: Log into your account in the MYRA app.

Step 2: Go to "Settings".

Step 3: Click on "Investment Profile".

Step 4: Select "Disclosures" from the dropdown.

Step 5: Click on (+) Add Affiliate. 

Step 6: Enter your Affiliate information, then SAVE.

Note: You are required to upload an Compliance Letter (sometimes called a '407 letter') from your compliance department to maintain your MYRA account.

Note: Affiliates are tracked at the household level (not individual level). Once you've added an Affiliate, it will reflect for both you and your partner, if applicable.